Thursday, May 28, 2009

Gone Green

I've gone green. The students at Northeast High use waaaay too much paint, and the students of the past never take home their artwork. So, to save on supplies I've been telling the students to bring me their used-paint palettes carrying globs of acrylic, and I've been making pictures over these recycled artworks while the kids finish their assignments. What I have so far:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Necessary Update

Things have been a little slow here at Steve Teare's craft shop. I put the paints away for a while to do a short comic for my room mate's zine and I've been slowly working on another story.

"Where's the images?"

Well, I've somehow broken yet another digital-camera-battery-charger, stopping me from taking quick shots of sketches, etc....and the comic work I've been doing is too large for my room mate's scanner.

Also, I've been crazy busy trying to finalize an art teaching gig for next year. More info on that as it happens...

But enough excuses, enough complaints. I'll get my rear in gear soon, and I imagine the summer will allow me more opportunities and space to think than the present moment....

Possible projects:
a. A weekly comic page published in this here blog
b. A return to Film Photography and weirdo collage books
c. Smallish wooden paintings of pretty things